Here are some very old stuff of mine. Most are models built during early 80's which still survive in my parent's house. Don't expect me to remember details about them. All I recall is that they were built before I gave a break to the hobby to go to college, painted with Coralit enamels diluted with gasoline (!). Putty, if some, used to be Durepóxi. No references in Paraná's interior at the time. With luck, I could grab a Scale Modeler magazine one of two times a year. There was also that Revell Modeling Club, and  the Revellação booklets. Most folks in the neighborhood used to build something. Geez, happy times, eh?...

This was my first "large" diorama. It's a Revell Ju-88 in 1/72 scale. It once had several figures, but they were lost along the time. Brush painted, of course. And I screwed an otherwise acceptable finish with a coat of Acrilex flat varnish spray (without masking the clear parts). Man, clear varnishes was an impossible must at the time. Do you remember Revell flat paints? I also used my mom's make up kit to add the exhaust stains. This is from around 1983:

And here is what I considered my best effort before going to the college. A Matchbox Comet diorama in 1/76. The farm house was based on an article published in the Esporte Modelismo magazine, and built entirely from paper cardboard. My first effort in post-shading (using gouaches) and drybrushing. The white spots you see in the pictures are mould or some kind of fungus. Circa 1984:

During my teen yearsI used to read a lot about airbrushes. Took a long time until seeing a real one. A Physics teacher helped me to understand the principle behing the tool, and I decided to make my own. A single action Badrato (Badger - ger + my nickname). The stuff worked pretty well, and I recall painting a Revell Fw-200 Condor with it. Air source came from a car tire. I still have it, and I've been actually using it in my daughter's school projects occasionally. Here is the second prototype, built around 1983. That's what I call "a poor man's airbrush":

Recently (as of Aug/2007) I brought some old models of mine from my parents home due to their move to a new place. Folks, that was a time journey... I found some priceless (for me) models. Some are still in good shape, although the paint have yellowed badly. This one is the old 1/72 Revell Phanton brush painted with household enamels and decorated with RC decals (the only aftermarket stuffs I could find back then) - circa 1980:

And being a great fan of the Corsair, this is one of the many I had. The Revell offering in 1/72, sporting decals stolen from a 1/48 Otaki Hellcat (if I recall correctly). The shape of the typed plate gives you an idea of how old it is (around 1981). I think this was my first effort in simulating chipped paint. At the time, except for the Revell flat enamels (which lasted two weeks after open), my only choice for a flat coat was the Acrilex flat varnish spray can. I recall applying the stuff over all my collection at once, regardless the effect on the clear parts:

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