Nei Biazetto's models
Porto Alegre - Brasil

Our friend Nei Biazetto is one of those modelers who you won't find bragging about his models. But he should, because he is the author of possibly one of the largest plastic modeling collections in Brazil. Nei has been modeling since his teen years, but his collection can't be measured only by numbers. More importantly, the level of craftmanship in each piece is excellent. He has been a reference for many of us, and the collection is a museum in itself.

He has a very characteristic and systematic way to approach his models, spending many months studying the subject before sitting on his bench. And for the records, he never gives up a model - no matter how bad it is, like many of us often do.

Nei is an avid Luftwaffe aficionado, with a deep knowledge on the subject. This is numerically reflected in his collection. I like to think in him as our local Jerry Crandall, always eager to help and exchange opinions. He owns an equally impressive library. I can't recall a single time when he couldn't help me, regardless how undocumented the subject was.

This photo report will show you just a part of the collection. Again, my photos won't make justice to his models neither to the feeling of visiting his model room in person. It is a modeling museum in itself...

Too many to describe here individually. Many of them are flawlessly acomplished short run/resin models rendered as "unbuildable" by us, relis mortalis. Lately, he has been enjoying the modern model technology in kits like Tamiya and Hasegawa ("I'm getting old", he says).
1/72 exclusively.
Another "old school" modeler, he uses Suvinil household enamels for most of this jobs. We tried to convert him to hobby paints, with no avail.
Out-of-the-box mostly, but he does use resin/photoetched parts whenever possible to correct weak areas of the kits. He also has became a fan of pre-cut masks.

Rato Marczak © 2008