Eduardo Blanco's models
Porto Alegre - Brasil

I've been wanting to upload a gallery for my friend Eduardo Blanco for a long time. Eduardo is a practicing dentist, what can help to explain his special hand for airbrushing. His intrincate airbrush jobs are always flawless, with very crisp demarcation lines virtually without any overspray. His airbrush? A simple Badger 100 (you can see him in action here)... Blanco is an always present figure in our modeling club meetings, and he is never shy of working on models in front of the crowd, sharing tips and showing us his methods.

He builds everything, but as most of us, he prefers Tamiya and Hasegawa models.
Mostly 1/48, with some 1/72 strangers sometimes.
Blanco uses most comercial hobby paints, but prefers Gunze acrylics if available.
A resin set here and there, but not always.

All models below are 1/48 scale, except for the last two Bf-109s and the brown camouflaged Ki-84.

Rato Marczak © 2010