IV Mostra Caxiense de Plastimodelismo (Caxias Plastic Modeling Exposition)
All photos copyrighted by RJ Marczak.

Martcenter Shopping Mall, Caxias do Sul, RS, Brazil.
August 14-15, 2010
Lots of modelers, visitors, kids and enthusiasts

This year's edition of Caxias Plastic Modeling Exposition was a great surprise. Having missed the last year's one, I was willing to attend this one since many friends live in the area. Considering the other editions, I knew this one would be as great. The staff organized a nice display, with models of all kinds and levels. This particular exposition stands from the others because there is no competition - the objective is to show/teach what plastic modeling is about to the general public and, hopefully, attract some newcomers to our hobby. Besides the models, there were workshops and demos so the public had the chance to see how the models are done.

And the staff make a wonderful job there. I had only an hour to spare on the exposition, but the attendence was really good, particularly for a cold Sunday morning. It was nice to recognize models from friends that I saw on the internet while living abroad. The joys of internet days - I met the model even before meeting the author...

Congratulations to everybody who helped to organize the event. I'm looking forward to the next year's edition. Here is a glimpse of the exposition:

A high point of the show was the workshop on painting figures. Here is Fabricio Fay and gang working on some models.

How these guys paint these little figures is beyond me. I know, I know... I've read lot about the techniques. I just can't do it. Nuts!

Great event. Keep it up on the next one folks...

Rato Marczak © 2010