4th Open Serra-Sul de Plastimodelismo
Photos copyrighted by RJ Marczak

Martcenter Shopping Mall, Caxias do Sul, RS, Brazil.
July 16-17, 2016
Lots of modelers, visitors, kids and enthusiasts

Having missed last year's edition, in 2016 the 4th Open Serra-Sul not only kept the tradition of the previous ones, but also surprised me for the visible increase in the level of the displayed models. The staff organized a nice display, with models of all kinds and levels, from juniors to pros. I had a great time and, more important, could catch up with many friends from all over the state. Definitely, the Serra-Sul Open is becoming a modeling reference in South Brazil and it is worth to attend.

Again, the number of judges this year was ridiculously small, making my Sunday afternoon miserable. This year, the staff took two very smart decicions: they invited muli-awarded modelers to judge in the next year and split the Best of the Show in two, the Popular (vote) BOS and the Technical (Judges) BOS. This is the right recipe for BOS in all contests, in my opinion. The most impressive model from the public point of view not necessarily is the model showing the highest level of craftmanship. With this formula, everybody wins.

The theme this year was 'Japan'.

Congratulations to all the Serra-Sull organizing staff for putting out such a nice event. Here are some photos I took:


The Popular Best of the Show award went to a beautiful 1/24 F75 pick-up truck built by Max.

The Judges Best of the Show award deservedly went to this atonishing Hasegawa Nakajima  J1N1-S Gekko Irving in 1/48 scale, by local master modeler Eduardo Rech. Eduardo 'Mark Spitezed' the event: not only he got the Judges BOS, but also best aviation award, best Japan aviation theme, best naval award, and six more awards in 1/72 scale categories. Wow...


The complete list of winners will be published in the Serra-Sul website soon.  
Good show, boys... See you all in 2017, when the theme will be 'Germany'! Be ready...

Rato Marczak 2016