Flávio Azevedo's models
Porto Alegre - Brasil

Flávio Azevedo is the owner of Hobbycraft hobby company (don't confuse it with Hobbycraft Canada) here in Porto Alegre, the official dealer of Squadron Signal Publications in Brazil. An avid modeler for more than 30 years, his shop has been a focal point in the plastic modeling scene in South Brazil during the last two decades. Besides checking, buying, and talking about plastic models, our local fellows always have an thematic exposition running along with a dedicated modeling museum (topic for another report).

What many people don't know is that Flávio has one of the largest plastic modeling collections in Brazil, taking a good part of his apartment. For the fortunates who had the opportunity to see the collection in person, myself included, it is an amazing thing to see...
Flávio has ship models, AFV models, a long time fondness for Ferraris, and a credible collection of dioramas, as well. But his main subject is still aircraft models, all in 1/72 scale, what allows one to compare sizes and shapes of everything from WWI to Desert Storm.

I'll try to show you Flávio's collection with this small report. Recently I had the opportunity to take new photos of his collection, and I hope they now do more justice to the previous photos published here, but it is simply impossible to take studio photos of each model... Anyway, you'll have a good idea of how big his collection is.

Too many to describe here individually. Suffices to say that such a large collection, gathering decades of modeling, in a sense reflects a good part of plastic modeling timeline. So, there you can find mostly everything from rarities to the latest Tamigawas.
1/72 for aircrafts, 1/35 for AFV's and other scales for ships and cars.
Flávio uses comercial hobby colors when it is easier, but being one of our "old school" modelers, he is still using Suvinil household enamels for most of this jobs.
He uses photoetched or resin additions whenever possible or when "it really adds something visible to the model". Decals are generally outsourced.

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