IPMS Brazil 2019 - XXXIII Brazilian Plastic Modeling National Convention
All photos copyrighted by RJ Marczak, unless noted.

PAMA - Brazilian Air Force's Aeronautical Materiels Facility, São Paulo SP, Brazil.
December 7-8, 2019
Southern Modelers Express Machine

The Show

The IPMS-Brazil put out their XXXIIIrd national convention at PAMA's facilities during the dec/7-8/2019 weekend. Nothing can beat the feeling of being in a modeling convention hosted in a Brazilian Air Force facility, as in the previous years...  As usual, it was a great, well-organized convention. GPPSD's president Guilherme Castro and all the organizing commitee must be congratulated again.

The show started on Saturday. After a quick trip to the local hobby shops with friends, we headed to the show on Sunday, where I was pleasantly surprised by a good number of vendors. It was also a great opportunity to meet several friends from all over the country, and make new ones. The level of the models was very good, in general, but my personal feeling is that the number of entries (a tad below 1100) and attendees was definitely smaller than last year...

If the number and level of models in aircraft models were high, the number of entrees in small scale AFV and small scale aircraft was deceptively low. The figures table, although small, had only gems though.

ow, the photos. I organized them in big subject groups, so they contain entries of several sub-categories. Many models are not here, I'm sorry for that...


Wings - all scales and subjects:

AFV - all scales and subjects:

Dioramas - all scales:


Ships - all scales and subjects:


Cars & bikes:

Figures, sci-fi and miscellanea:

Congratulations to all in the organizing staff. Good job and t
hanks guys! See you next year.

Rato Marczak © 2019