XIX MosquitoCon New Jersey/IPMS Plastic Modeling Convention
All photos copyrighted by RJ Marczak.

Police Athletic League, Wayne NJ, USA.
April 3rd, 2010
Me, representing the Southern Modelers Express Machine and the whole gang of IPMS-NJ

The Show

Ah, the joys of living in USA... You can find a modeling convention about every month, and as a member of IPMS/NJ, I was willing to attend and help to run this one.

Mosquitocon XIX was held at PAL, Wayne NJ, and the venue couldn't be better - the lightning in the contest room was the best I've seen so far. We had about 400 models and an amazing vendors area - outstanding numbers considering it was a one day convention during Easter weekend! Again, I was impressed by the level of the contest as well as the professionalism of the organizing commitee. Congratulations to Big Bill, Martin, Mike, Marc and all the folks from NJ/IPMS staff for an outstanding job.

Models started to arrive early in the morning:

...and before 11:00 almost 100% of the contenders were already on the tables:

The vendors room was a heaven, larger than in Jerseycon past October:


By 11:30, judges meeting... with free food:

And by half an hour past noon the judge teams started to work. Here's Reuven examining the winner of the Jets 1/48 category, while Nick waits his turn:

Here is the terror of many nice aircraft models:

I had a nice time judging with Nick and Reuven, but that prevented me from spending more money than I wanted in the vendors room. Even worse, I missed taking pictures of way too many models, including several winners. By the time I got free from my responsabilities, many modelers had already packed their models and headed home or were waiting for the award cerimony. I'm sorry... first things first. Anyway, I'll show you a nice sample of the convention (most of them took in the morning or nearing the end of the show).

I organized the photos here in 10 groups, so be warned that the links below contain entries of several sub-categories.

Wings - 1/32 and larger
Wings - 1/48 Wings - 1/72 and smaller
Wings - Misc.
Military vehicles - 1/35 and larger
Military vehicles - 1/48 and smaller Dioramas Ships

General photos

Besides the usual awards, this year had the following special awards:
What a great show! I'll do whatever I can to attend MosquitoCon XX next year, and I heartly recommend you to try the same...

Rato Marczak © 2010