Jerônimo Ulrich Teixeira's models
Porto Alegre - Brasil

If you like AFV dioramas, this gallery will be of interest to you. Our friend Jerônimo Teixeira is a very well known diorama modeler in our area. What makes his collection odd for most AFV modelers is that it is composed by - and only by - 1/72 dioramas. Long before the current trend of small scale armor, Jerônimo was already hunting good injected and resin kits, accessories, and figures (in a time when it was everything but easy to find good stuffs).

His approach is a very interesting one: before starting a diorama, he decides what will be the subject(s) of the scene, and starts working on them. While he assembles the vehicles and figures, his mind is working on narrowing the choices about the scene that will ultimately compose the diorama. Once makes up his mind, everything is blended together with a very high level of craftmanship.

This photo report will show you his whole collection. The large pics below are more or less in chronological order. Remeber that some of these masterpieces took two years to be completed, so we have here a good idea of the learning curve during the last twenty years or so.

He uses everything, because he owns everything! Besides the best injected model kits, he keeps an atonishing stash of resin and photoetched stuffs, not to mention more than 3,000 1/72 and 1/76 figures... "A necessity for the dioramist", he says. He particularly loves AlBy resin kits and conversions.
1/72 exclusively (with some understandable 1/76 concessions).
For vehicles and figures painting, Jerônimo has always been a fan of Humbrol enamels, but he is progressively switching to Vallejo. As for the terrain, buildings, trees etc., he uses a bit of everything, including Tamiya acrylics.
A lot of resin and photoetched details.

Rato Marczak © 2008