May 5-6, 2012 Figure painting workshop with Fernando Ruiz

Meta Pre-Vestibular School, Porto Alere, Brazil.
May 5-6, 2012
Modelers from all over the country
Figure painting workshop with master modeler Fernando Ruiz
 * Photos not copyrighted here belongs to Heliandro Rosa.


Here is a report on the figure painting workshop organized by Planet Figure and our friend Fabricio Fay during last weekend. The workshop was limited to 25 participants, and it was fully booked long before the weekend. The event attracted modelers from several Brazilian cities, including some very far from Porto Alegre... The reason surely was the conductor of the workshop, nothing less than the master figure painter Fernando Ruiz, from Spain. Fernando is a very well known figurero, being responsible for several boxarts of many scale figure brands. It was a pleasure to have him sharing his skills and techniques with us. Although of primary interest for figure modelers and wargamers, many attendees were modelers from other modeling branches.

The workshop started on early Saturday morning, with modelers bringing his latest works in to discuss their methods and results, as well as to submit them to the scrutiny of the master...

Many of the displayed figures were painted by Fernando himself, some of them well known boxarts...

We also have a great selection of prizes for the worshop raffle, courtesy of the sponsors...

And, of course, the inevitable flea market:

Man you tables. Time to start:

The course was based on the same figure for everybody, Attila, the Hun, from Art Girona. Let me introduce you to the man:

The course was divided roughly in three major parts. In the first day we learned about painting faces... perhaps the most challenging task for newbies. On Sunday, Fernando taught us about painting the skirt and the pants of our figure sample.

In each section, he started by talking to us about colors, techniques and details not found in books:

Then he painted the topic being taught himself: 

A couple of short videos:

Technology played on our side here:

Then he visited each table, and helped to prepare the colors for each step. The supplies, including the figure, paint, brushes and thinners were distributed for each attendee, although some preferred to use their own brushes:

After inspecting the work of each one, Fernando patiently talked to the student about what was right and wrong. Sometimes he would show you by doing half of the job himself and asking you to do the same on the other half of the figure. His skills amazed everyone. Sounds easy, eh? Try to transform this... this:

Here are a few pictures of the workshop.:

And these are some of the figures displayed during the event:


We had a great time with Fernando, including lunch time and a barbecue on Saturday night. A true gentleman that I for one hope to meet more times. 

We must acknowledge Fabricio Fay for the brilliant initiative. I cannot claim my figures will not suck from now on, but even we, aircraft and AFV modelers had a most enjoyable and fun time.

I hope we can do more of this in the future, even though this little guy here has given us so much trouble:

Rato Marczak 2012