January 15, 2010 IPMS/NJ club meeting
All photos copyrighted by Rato.

Knights of Columbus, Garwood NJ, USA.
January 15, 2010
IPMS-NJ club members
Official month club meeting - kits, jokes and modeling...

The first IPMS-NJ club meeting of the year took place on Jan/15th at KOC, Garwood NJ, as usual.

A nice thing that I learn here was that they have meetings devoted to specific themes from times to times. One sponsor elects the best models on a given subject and donates models, books, medals or whatever to the winners. A nice idea, indeed.This one was the Russian Night, so the contest table was populated by Russian subjects of any type. Again, I forgot to take notes of all names, so my apologies for not mentioning everyone. Let's check the models...

This was an impecable Sturmovik in 1/48:

This one is the Tamiya MiG-15, also very well done:

As for smaller scales, we had this tiny Morane-Saulnier I in 1/72. A work of art:

Reuven Shapira brought a 1/144 (I guess) Tu-154 in Aeroflot livery. The crazy man used white and gray paints from
ordinary Krylon spray cans, that you buy for three bucks at Sears. Beautiful model Reuven...

Moving to AFV, we had a nice KV, a Stuart and a nice T-34. The last was built by Marc Rocca and weathered using the infamous hair spray method. Very, very convincing, by the way (all in 1/35):

We also had two 1/72 AFV entries. The first is this nice anti-aircraft gun built over the Revell chassis. The turret is scratchbuilt:

And this is an excellend rendition of a M-8. This is the new tooling from Italeri, complete including interior:

And another gorgeous entry, this time an Ironclad:

In the junior category, Christopher brought this F-117 Snap model. All his dad did was to apply the decals for him. I whish I could build models this well when I was 10 years old:

In the unfinished/non-members' table we had some very interesting stuff, too. Let me start by showing you the effect of long time consumption of too much Irish whisky. This ship is a 1/350 in-progress work (I forgot the name of the ship) of Martin Quinn. The man is planking the deck strip by strip. You can see the size of these tiny things in the photo below:

Here is the result on the bow deck. Impressive indeed... so much that I forgot to take a picture of the whole model. Looking forward to see it finished Martin.

And my photo does not do justice to this 1/700 well executed entry:

Still in the docks, Jim showed us his Kriegsmarine's transport ship fully scratchbuilt in 1/700. He made it entirely from plastic using photos and drawings as references. Good eyes, Jim:

This Panzer IV is the entry of a new member. Very sharp:

And here is another one, in-progress obviously:

Ron tried to finish his MiG-15 to the Russian Night, but missed it for very little. Good job, Ron "Resident Movie Star"

Our members checking the models before voting:

At the end, our sponsor Simon V. talks to the crowd before announcing the winners of the theme night:

Here is Marc Rocca, one of the winners, receiving his well deserved prize:

Lots of fun, as you can see. I'm looking forward to the next meeting. See you later...

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