Oct., 2nd modeling group meeting
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Jerônimo Ulrich's house, Porto Alere, Brazil.
October 2nd, 2007
Southern Modelers Express Machine
BBQ, booze, new jokes and modeling...

After a while, we've met a Jerônimo's house on October 2nd, 2007. We must keep doing this sort of thing. I for one have laughted enought for the rest of the year. Here's a sneak of the folks present at meeting (from left to right) - Nestor, Ricardo, yours truly, Guto, Jarbas (far back), Jerônimo (our host), Nei, Bruno, Alfredo and Fernando:

Alfredo did a wonderful job on preparing the barbecue (as usual). The group has elected him our in perpetuum cooker. To avoid leaving him alone cooking (and muttering) while the rest of us have fun, Nei and Guto spent some time with him. Note his fist, ready to punch the photographer (me... I don't recall what I said, but whatever it was, sorry Alfredo):

Guto brought a nice Xavante in 1/72. Boys, I know this kit. It's not much more than a solid brick of resin, but he managed to turn in into a masterpiece:

Here's an old pic of this model I've found in my HD:

Here are our free (for now) live modeling encyclopedia Fernando, along with Bruno (standing) and Jarbas, the later sporting a new Elvis lives hair cut:

During the event, we had the rare opportunity to see Jerônimos latest diorama in an early in progress stage. I don't know what makes a modeler to build a diorama displaying only targets... anyway, here it is:

And his scale trees are better than ever (remember, this is 1/72 scale):

I also took some new pics of his older masterpieces:

Another high point of the reunion was the latest acquisitions of Ricardo's original heraldy collection. But before, here is a shot of the N 'n N (Nacul and Nestor) folk/country band:

Ricardo brought only target related stuffs... The first two are from a Russian tankist:

A rare set from a Luftwaffe pilot, including a 1939 iron cross:

This one is from a USAAF airman. Note the purple heart and the piece of sharpnel which wounded the owner.

Ant these are from a New Zealand Spitfire pilot who flew in Europe:


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