June 18, 2009 modeling group meeting
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Styrene Cave, Porto Alere, Brazil.
June 18, 2009
Southern Modelers Express Machine
Booze, new kits, new jokes and modeling...

Another official group meeting at the Styrene Cave. During this one we had workshops for the first time... more on that later. The house was already full early in the night, with our now usual rooster of modelers, plus Felipe and Fabricio, who dropped by for the first time.

We had a record number of models brought to the meeting, filling most of our dinning (read sanding) table:

A whole air force, as you can see...

Onto the models, now. Blanco arrived with three (!) boxes of models. His He-177 is always worth to see (1/48):

And of course, his usual share of Luftwaffe subjects. Here are a couple of 109s in 1/48:


Plus, a 109-K in 1/72 converted from the Revell kit:

These Tamiyas are also from Blanco, the He-162 and the Skyraider:

And two Ki-84 cousins, one in 1/48 and the other in 1/72, both also by Blanco:

After an initial check on the models, the guys spent some time looking at the many boxes brought to the night:

Here is André "Last Standing Sander" bragging about this Beaufighters, Lancasters and P40s, while Sandro and Felipe raid over the little air force on the table:

Back to the models, Alfredo finally got the guts to bring some of his 1/72 masterpieces in progress. Here is his Yak-3 (I guess). He sanded the details flush to depict all wood wings, and essentially scratchbuilt the air intakes at the wing root.

The cockpit has lots of PE... great work Alfredo:

But he also showed his Betty/Ohka project. The Betty is Hasegawa, but I can't recall the Ohka's manufacturer. Both 1/72:

This man has an evident addition for PE details:

Sandro brought his heavily modified Spit VC in SEAC markings. No commercial stuffs here, this is an old school conversion, and the markings are all painted using masks made by himself:

I'm now convincing myself that he really likes Spitfires. I think this one is his 20th of the type...

And a highlight of the meeting was the presence of Fabricio "Figures Painting Man" Fay. I don't know what is the name of this little being, but the painting is out of this world:

Now you must agree that if there is a trully artistic side of our hobby, I mean, where no tool can replace talent, that must be painting figures.

Fabricio also brought this one, still in progress:

Well, and yours truly finally finished something. Here is the little Dragon T-34 in 1/72, breathing fresh air for its first time:

As I mentioned before, Blanco presented a small workshop on his method to paint tight camouflage lines. You can find the details, including some video exerpts in our report. A big thank you Blanco... Here is him in action during the workshop:

Another who showed us his skill with a brush was Fabricio. In particular, he introduced us to a metalic printer's paint, made popular by Spanish figure modelers. All I can tell you is that it is kinda metalic paste used by industrial printers which you can use straight or mixed with enamels and artist oils.

We had the opportunity to check silver and gold samples. The photo below does not do justice to the fine pigment of these products, which Fabricio just applied over a piece of scrap:

In order to give you a better idea of the product, here is a small video:

Late in the night, Stuka seemed more interested in magazines than Jarbas. Anyway, they seem to be understanding each other (don't be jealous, Sandro):

Time to close the pub. Jarbas seems pretty tired... too many models, so little time:

And that was all folks. See you next month.

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