July 23, 2009 modeling group meeting
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Styrene Cave, Porto Alere, Brazil.
July 23, 2009
Southern Modelers Express Machine
Booze, new kits, new jokes and modeling...

Another official group meeting at the Styrene Cave. My last meeting before the trip to the US. It was a very cold night, but many of us attended the call of duty. Cristian Zarichta dropped by for the first time... welcome aboard man!

During this meeting we organized a garage sale to allow Alberto Raguenet getting rid of many of his books. Good and rare stuff for cheap, really. I picked up my share, and I guess he left the meeting with some change in his pocket...

Alberto also brought a couple of his models. This one is the old Tamiya Matilda in 1/35. A masterpiece, considering the age of the kit. I will update his gallery with more pics of his models:

And this is his Academy Typhoon, which I claimed 1/48 scale in his page, for never seeing the model in person. This model is in fact in 1/72 scale. Need a better compliment than that, Alberto?

Vlad is getting better and better. Proof that he is spending too much time on the GE's bench. This is the Hasegawa A-7 in 1/48. In my opinion, his best model ever:

Well, it wouldn't be one of our meetings without Jarbas' usual picks. This one is a 21st Century AVF in 1/35. Don't ask me the name. All I know is that Jarbas painted it in a Brazilian Army livery:

For you reference, here is your editor trying to tune his camera (photo by Alex):

Late in the night, we were still trying to decide what to grab from Alberto's improvised book shop:

As I said, it was a very cold night, so thanks to all who attended. It was also my last meeting until next year, due to my trip to US. I honestly hope you folks keep gathering once per month, and send me the pics so I can record our meetings here... You take care.

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