August 19, 2010 modeling group meeting

Styrene Cave, Porto Alere, Brazil.
August 19, 2010
Southern Modelers Express Machine
Booze, new kits, new jokes and modeling...

My first meeting with the club in a long time happened at the Styrene Cave on August 19th. It was a real pleasure to meet friends after so long, and talk about modeling... But before we start, here's something quite interesting that I found on my archives, a Der Adler from July 1942:

More on that later. The models start to arrive early in the night:

...but not only that. Nestor brought a Wehrmacht helmet he traded in Russia. It is an original item dug from Stalingrad.

André arrived early and set his bench up. It seems that his Beaufighter will finally receive a final drive. Way to go partner:

Blanco isn't having better days with his Fw-190 neither:

Anyway, that's what friends are for...

Here's a glimpse of the models on the table...

I was one the few who had already checked Blanco's Ju-88, Stuka, and his jets during the Modeling Exposition at Caxias, just that now I could see them closer:

Most of the models under construction were mine. Here are the Hobby Boss XP-84, PM DFS-194, Revell Hurricane and the Hasegawa Dewoitine debuting its base, all in 1/72:

My TIE fighter also met a Brazilian public for the first time. Definitely our gang doesn't appreciate anything related to the 'Empire':

Well, back to modeling, Sandro gave Blanco some hints about the assembly of the Eduard Wurger in 1/48. Better to listen to the man, after all Sandro's one was perfectly finished as shown in the previous meeting:

While my move doesn't arrive, Fernando showed a few things he brought from his recent trip to Germany. First off, his brand new Infinity airbrush - now he has one excuse less to not finish his models, eh, eh:

But maybe the most interesting item brought by Fernando was this 'put-put' boat. Do you remember these? You add some alchool (or even Jack Daniel's, if strictly necessary), spark the fire and let it go... When he first showed it to the crowd, we could hear everybody saying ooooh... Ah, memories:

Raguenet arrived late and left early, but he contributed with two recent models, both magnificently finished as usual. The Jeep is 1/48 (I guess) and the P-40 is the Academy offering. My crappy pics do no justice to these models:

The star of the new (to us) kits that night was the huge Trumpeter's Hurricane. Hurri anybody?

Another funny thing that always happens in these meetings is old models facing new ones. Interestingly, Monogram the F-5 below was brought for the same meeting that Blanco brought his AFV offering:

And this is Jarbas showing the correct way to hold a laser gun in the best of Star Trek style. Well, actually it is a Dremel, but it is ok:

And before we could notice, it was time to pack everything...

In case you are wondering, this is the original cover:

I still have lots of things to catch up with all of you, but it is good to be in the GE meetings again. See you in the next one...

Rato Marczak © 2010