September 23, 2010 modeling club meeting

Styrene Cave, Porto Alere, Brazil.
September 23, 2010
Southern Modelers Express Machine
Booze, new kits, new jokes and modeling...

We had another club meeting at the Styrene Cave on Sept. 23rd. It was one of the weakest meetings concerning models on the tables, but we finally started our seminar/lecture cycle. The idea is to show something to crowd in a 30-50 min presentation, not necessarily model related. More on that later.

We also had a few firsts: Nei Biazeto, Luis Vieira and Bruno Kuckartz finally decided to stop by for a visit... welcome aboard boys! Here is the gang actively talking early in the night:

Nestor brought another relic from his collection. This helmet came from the sands of Dunkirk:

As I said, not many models that night, and most of them under construction:

Fabricio showed this magnificent figure he is working on. Next meeting he will be introducing some kind of ink he's been using...

Late in the night I made a 50 minutes presentation about my recent participation in the World War II weekend, held every year at Reading, PA, USA. Here are a few pictures shown during the presentation:

Besides the warbirds, you could find everything there: veterans, vehicles, memorabilia... what a blast!

This was Dick Cole, co-pilot of Jimmy Doolittle during the famouse raid over Japan, signing my book:

A truly atmospheric place... in WWII context, of course:

I even found Rosie the riveter during the Sunday mass:

Here is the now famous photo (photo taken by Rick von Putkammer) - the most realistic nose art ever:

A few movies shown during the presentation, just to kick the missing ones' butts. P-40 low - and fast - pass:

The Avro Lancaster:

A Spitfire in low pass:

Corsair, Dauntless and the only flyable Helldiver in the world:

And because I visited Sandro a few days prior the meeting, let me show you a glimpse of his Tamiya 1/32 Spitfire. Great job Sandro!!!

Now, talking about business for a moment, here are the points discussed that night:

- A trip to World War II Weekend in 2012.
- Our trip to GPPSD National Convention in November.
- Visit to the TAM Museum
in November.
- October presentation: Nestor Magalhães and his tales diving with the U-boats.

Here is the official photo. Standing, left to right: Bruno, Fernando, Vieira, Victor, Fabricio, André and Nestor. Seated: yours truly, Alex, Nei, Sandro (with Stuka on his lap) and Jarbas.

If you missed this one, don't miss the next one... You will regret even more. See you ...

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