October 21, 2010 modeling club meeting

Styrene Cave, Porto Alere, Brazil.
October 21st, 2010
Southern Modelers Express Machine
Booze, new kits, new jokes and modeling...

We had another club meeting at the Styrene Cave on Oct. 21st. We had a good number of attendees as well as models, books and

As you can see, Blanco does not wast time and work every spare minute:

Just one newcomer that night: Dino dropped by with Fabricio to share some of their expertise on painting figures. More on that later. As for the models, Blanco brought his Eduard Fw-190 almost done, while I showed the last stage of my DFS-194 and the Hobby Boss XF-84, almost ready:

Bruno brought a control panel from his Academy's P-38, built following the photocopy method that I used in my P-40. It beats many PE items:

Fabricio brought a couple of figures he has been working on. Simply amazing! Check it out:

One of the high points of the night was a workshop carried out by Fabricio. As promised, he showed how to use the inks from Andrea colors.

He used a metal head to show how to use these inks. They work as a kind of filter. He used a few colors on this head. It is a white metal item, but the method could be used on a plastic or resin item previously painted with metalic color. The idea of these inks is to produce cooper, gold, and other metalic effects by filtering the light with a translucent layer over a metalic finish. Here is Fabricio in action:

A video may be more instructive, let alone in HD, but please forgive me for the background talking...

As usual, Fabricio made everything looks so simple...

More HD videos:

And here is the result of this workshop - it all took less than 10 minutes:

The lecturer of the night was Nestor. We were expecting something related to his new book "U-Boats: diving in history". Instead, he provided us a lecture almost 3 hours long, showing a glimpse of several military museums he has visited over the years... and U-boats, of course:

The amount of material shown and commented was overwhelming, but the crowd (so to speak) didn't miss a minute:

Incredibly, here is Blanco painting the spinner of hiw wurger late in the night:

We also discussed:

- Our trip to GPPSD National Convention in November. Hotel reservations done.
- Visit to the TAM Museum
in November. The van is already rented.
- November presentation: not defined.

The fellows confirmed to the trip so far are: Me (Rato), Nei, Alex, Fabricio, Cristian and Heliandro. Our thanks to Alex for all the hard work making the arrangements.

Here is the official photo. Left to right: Andre, Nestor, Jarbas, Jerônimo, Blanco, Nei, Alex and yours truly (by then Bruno, Fabricio and Dino have already left).

Don't miss the next one... these meetings are becoming a truly gem.

Rato Marczak © 2010