December 9, 2010 modeling club meeting

Styrene Cave, Porto Alere, Brazil.
December 9, 2010
Southern Modelers Express Machine
Booze, new kits, new jokes and modeling...

The last club meeting took place at the Styrene Cave on Dec. 9. We had a small number of attendees as well as models, books and
laughs. Nestor gave us a good show with lots of photos:

During the meeting, André - who couldn't go with us to the Nats - received a gift from Cristian... That's what friends are for (I guess):

Not so many people, not so many kits and books:

The same in the models table:

But Nestor brought one of his U-boats, and talked to us about his book on U-boats, by then hitting the shelves. These stuffs are big:

As a side note, Nestor gave a lecture later (January 25, 2011) at Cultura bookstore officially releasing his book. Watch this space for a future review of the book:

Most of our fellow modelers showed up. Here are (left to right) Nei, Nestor, your editor and Bruno (don't laugh, somebody had to represent the Allied forces):

Back to the meeting, Cristian showed us his Tamiya Corsair in 1/72, the Eduard 1/48 Fw-190 and a Stuka in
Spanish Civil war livery, also 1/48. The boy is learning so fast... I wish my first models were half good as his:

Works in progress included my little 1/700 Gato sumaribe (not incidentally far from Nestor's 1/72 U-boat), Cristian's Hasegawa He-111 in 1/72 and a few others:

Then, after countless inquires, Alex decided to open one of his big boxes long stored in our HQ. And the party started:

For the records, here is the official photo. Left to right, standing: Bruno, Nestor, Alex, Sandro (holding Stuka), Raguenet, Fabricio and me. Seated (left to right): Vieira, Victor, Cristian and Andre.

See you in the next one...

Rato Marczak © 2011