June 25, 2015 modeling club meeting

Styrene Cave, Porto Alere, Brazil.
June 25, 2015
Southern Modelers Express Machine
Booze, new kits, new jokes and modeling...

Last Thursday (June 25) we had another monthly meeting at our club HQ. Few people present, but it was a fun and productive meeting. Let's start with Bruno's last project, the Academy F-86 Sabre in 1/72 scale. A wonderful job...

Bruno made a wonderful base, with a PSP planking and a sandbag protective wall:

Now, check this out: when I asked him which brand was the PSP base, he said "It is a plastic sheet. I scribed the lines and drilled every hole in it.". Can you believe that? We already knew that Bruno was a skilled modeler of the new generation. Now we also know he has a loose nut in his head:
Bruno is also working on a 1/72 Eduard MiG-15, which he is riveting, as you can see:

Fabricio Fay brought three figures finished with his usual talent:


This Union soldier was painted without using any kind of metalic paint... All metalic effects were achieved using lightening effects:

But one of us was woking on the models instead of talking. Guess who?
Yeah, Blanco worked on de decals of his Eduard Bf-110 in 1/48 scale:

Lenon brought his Hasegawa F-4 in 1/48 with the basic painting done. My photo don't do justice to the excellent finish he's got on this one:


Blanco also brought his F-86 in progress:

We went on with good talking and laughing until late in the night...

See you in the next meeting...
Rato Marczak 2015