Walkaboard - BB-62 USS New Jersey

BB-62 USS New Jersey
Camden Waterfront, Camden PA, USA.
November 7th, 2009.


While living in New Jersey, I couldn't let the chance to visit the USS New Jersey pass. It was an old dream to be onboard genuine WWII battleship, and there are not many of them left, as you well know. BB-62 is permanently moored at Camden Waterfront near the New Jersey State Aquarium and Tweeter Entertainment Center. Curiously, it is almost on the same location where it was built, the Philadelphia Naval S
hip Yard 68 years ago.

I guess my choice couldn't be much better, as BB-62 has a long history serving USN, starting in WWII and participating in all major conflicts since then, including Korea, Vietnam, and Lebanon. She was recomissioned three times during her life, and after fifty eight years of sevice it was fortunately saved to rest as a permanent museum and monument. The New Jersey is the America's most decorated battleship. Besides that, I also learned interesting facts about her:
I left my family at Philadelphia and crossed the Benjamin Franklin Bridge, when I had my first glimpse at BB-62, patiently waiting for me:

After arriving at the pier I was blessed with a beautiful view of Philadelphia. Look closely and you will find the
Independence Seaport Museum across the river. There are the USS Olympia (C-6) (Admiral Dewey's flagship in the Spanish-American War) and the USS Becuna (SS-319), a WWII submarine.

Here is the main entrance, and the propeler gives you an idea of the size of these boats:

Before proceeding to the ship, I took a good look of the once a Navy yard, trying to imagine those frantic days post Pearl Harbor, when the most impressive boats of the world were being produced one after the other...

On arrival, the size of the ship impresses even the most skeptical. I wasn't able to fit the entire USS New Jersey in a single photo. The title picture was stitched from two photos.

I must confess that this visit was something absolutely impressive. Everything in a super battle ship is colossal - the guns, the armour, the ammo, the size... And the feeling of seating in the same cabin in which Bull Halsey once commanded the ship is awesome:

Seriously now, I won't specify everything in the photos below. Sure it will give you an idea of what's inside. Just remember that the New Jersey had two major overhauls after WWII, the latest one in 1980. Many scars of these changes are visible, particularly by the removal of 5" guns and many anti-aircraft items. Now we have 20 mm automatized mini-guns and Tomahawks missiles... The photos are divided by sections. I should use the appropriate 'level' id numbers, but I can't remember those anymore... Instead, I'll indicate the approximate area from where each group of photos was taken. Enjoy...

Entering the ship:

Leaving the ship:

And that was my adventure on that cold Saturdary. I was even more gratified for taking the suggestive photo below by the end of the day:

Wife-wise comprobatory documentation:

I hope you find these photos useful somehow. If you have any interesting comment this ship, please drop me a line.

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