Walkaround - General Dynamics GF-111A S/N 67-0047 Aardvark

General Dynamics GF-111A S/N 67-0047 Aardvark
American Airpower Museum at Farmingdale NY, USA.
May 1st, 2010.

Here is a small walkaround of the F-111A Aardvark 67-0047 belonging to the American Airpower Museum, based on the old Republic Airport at Farmingdale NY. This particular airframe was delivered to Sheppard AFB as a GF-111A ground trainer. It stored with Fire Department at Sheppard AFB, TX from March 2004 until being transferred to AAM in 2008.

These photos were taken during the NoreastCon 2010 at the Republic Airport on May 1st, 2010.

I hope you find these photos useful somehow. If you have any interesting information about the history of this aircraft, please drop me a line.

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