Walkaround - Boeing N2S-5 Stearman 'Kaydet' S/N 75-1349JS

Boeing N2S-5 Stearman 'Kaydet' S/N 75-1349JS
Kissimmee Air Museum at Kissimmee, FL, USA.
March 3rd, 2010.

Here is the walkaround of the
Boeing N2S-5 Stearman S/N 75-1349JS on display at Kissimmee Warbird Museum at Kissimmee, FL, USA. It belongs to Tim Manna, but I failed to find its original Bu.No., restoration history etc. Anyway, this particular aircraft is flyable, and is very well restored and maintained. 

General views:



Tail unit:

Main landing gear:


Fuselage details:

PT-17 under restoration:

There was another Stearman at the museum, a PT-17 without S/N, currently under restoration. While we don't have details about this particular aircraft, it offers the opportunity to see many hidden details of the Stearman construction.

I hope you find these photos useful to your next modeling project. If you have any interesting information about the history of this aircraft, please drop me a line.

Just to prove to my wife that I really was at the museum that day...

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