AMS MiG-17 cockpit in 1/32 scale
Reviewed by Rato Marczak (2011)

- Resin cockpit for the Trumpeter/Hobbycraft MiG-17 (product #32030)
- 1/32
- 32.00 USD
Contents & Media: 
- 6 resin parts and instructions
- Drop in replacement for the kit parts.
- Only minor modifications in kit parts are necessary.
- Very detailed.
- Recommended.

Trumpeter (also released under Hobbycraft brand) MiG-17 is one of their first 1/32 models and, as such, lacks detail in many areas, particularly in the wheel wells and cockpit. This AMS set solves the later, providing all you need to upgrade the cockpit of your Fresco.The set consists of only 6 parts: cockpit, control panel, ejection seat, headrest, control column and the dorsal fin under the aft fuselage:

The quality of the molding is good. I found out that my sample had a not so well molded ejection seat, probably from a mold older than the rest of the parts. The horseshoe shaped armature around the gunsight was severely warped, and probably I'll need to break the part to fix it. Apart from that, I'm pretty satisfied with the overall quality of the parts. 

All parts are molded in a soft grey resin which will pose no problems to be cut or sanded. The cockpit tube is a solid part containing the floor and side consoles. The level of detail if similar to the best European accessory manufacturers. The masters were carefully researched and matched very well the photos I took at Kissimee Air Museum as well as pictures from Squadron Signal Walkaround No.46.

The amount of cables and hoses inside the cockpit is impressive, capturing well a characteristic of the real thing. I know many modelers dislike this, as it makes painting more difficult, but in this case they probably would have more trouble to install them all individually. The control panel is very accurate, will all the bezels and stuff. The instruments are deep enough to accept individually punched-out decals or prints and will benefit from a drop of clear varnish to simulate the glasses.

I dry fitted the cockpit tub to Trumpeter's fuselage without any clean up. All you have to do is to remove the tabs designed to support the original cockpit inside each of the kit's fuselage halves (something not mentioned in the instructions), and the part will fit ok. You will need, however, to perform a small surgery to fit the control panel/gunsight. In order to do so, you can use the template printed in the instructions to help cutting the fuselage. 

As I mentioned before, the ejection seat is a bit deceptive. I looked ok from a foot away, but closer examination showed several molding bubbles and marks of mold overuse. The seat belts are molded on and a careful painting will bring them to life. I also failed to find a photo of exactly that particular model of ejection seat installed in a MiG-17. I didn't look that hard, but maybe that seat was more common on the MiG-15. I'm mentioning this because AMS also produces a resin cockpit for the Faggot...

Small bits include a control column and a headrest for the pilot's seat, both a great improvement over the kit parts, as well as the belly fin to be installed under the tail.


Since the Trumpeter's offering is the only game in 1/32 town, this set will save a lot of time to anyone interested in bringing it to a better standard.


Rato Marczak 2011