De Truk a Narvik - Mergulhando na História  (From Truk to Narvik - Diving in History)
Reviewed by Rato Marczak (5/2015)

- Nestor Magalhães
Description:  - Personal accounts of author's diving adventures on sevenal WWII sites. 280 pages. Text (in Portuguese), photos. Color. 2015.
- Evangraf Editora 
- $49.00 Brazil Real MSRP
- 978-85-7727-731-5
- Excellent reading. Recommended

After the huge success of his first book (reviewed here), our friend, modeler, author and Brazilian Army officer, ret., Nestor Magalhães just released his second book: From Truk to Narvik - Diving in History. 

This time he tell us about his tales diving at Truk lagoon, Hawaii, Scapa Flow, Narvik and many other stages where memorable battles happened.

Nestor's writing style if even better and funnier than his first book - a real pleasure to read all the way. T
he book is divided in 35 (!) short chapters, each one describing a dive to a wreck or a visit to a museum. We can almost feel his joy touching Zeros, Corsairs, Bettys, and so many battleships and submarines that I won't dare to remember. He visited sites in all continents, including Luftwaffe ace Marseille's grave. Even better, his deep history knowledge puts every chapter in the correct context, so that even if you are not interested in history, you will surely learn something - or a lot.

The author exploring the remains of KMS Tirpitz

The central part of the book is covered with many color photos of his exploits.

This is the kind of book you read in two days... simple as that. I recommend.

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