HIQ Parts Carving Tape
Reviewed by Rato Marczak (6/2009)

- Plastic adhesive tape (no product #)
- N/A
- approx. 3.00 USD
Contents & Media: 
- Blister containing a roll (5 m)
- Replaces Dymo tapes perfectly for rescribing
- Solvent resistent

Disadvantages - It is transparent
- Does not allow curves due to stiffness
- There are similar brands out there, and opaque.

Modelers who like to rescribe plastic models know that finding a couple of Dymo tape rolls is becoming an adventure. I purchased this product a while ago from a Japanese shop when trying to find a good replacement for my last roll of Dymo. Among the tapes I have been testing, this one is the most stiff. I comes in a 5 m roll / 5 mm wide of transparent tape made of a harder polymer than the usual tapes. It is thick enough (about 0.25 mm), so sure it can be used to guide your favoride scriber or riveter, but its stiffness will alow only very shallow curves. In addition, being transparent, it may not suit very well for applications where you need parallel lines, for example. In some other cases, however, you can benefit from seeing through the tape. I liked it, but it is very sticky, so be careful with weak paints.

Recommended, but I bet there are better choices somewhere…

Rato Marczak © 2009