Voyager Photoetched Palm Leaves (pattern 1) in 1/72 scale
Reviewed by Rato Marczak (2011)

- Photoetched palm tree fronds for diorama vegetation (product #PE 072031)
- 1/72
- 5.50 USD
Contents & Media: 
- Three PE frets containing two palm leaves patterns
- Perfectly etched.
- Easily bendable.
- Ready for use.
Disadvantages - Will require a metal primer before painting.
- The leaves' petioles are a bit too thin for a realistic appearence
- Recommended.

Voyager released this set to help anyone interested in decorating a vignette or adding vegetation to a diorama. The set comes with three frets containing two different types of leaves (fronds, in fact) for palm trees.

One of the types (the wider one) are more appropriate for desert palms, while the other (long stem) seems more suitable for coconut type trees. They are perfectly etched and are easily trimmed off the fret. The back side of the sheets are flat, but the upper (visible) side is really 3D, allowing drybrushing and/or washes if you want.

The end on the frond arms (petioles) are perforated to make them easier to install. They are made in 0.15 mm brass, so bending to the desired shape is not an issue.

Although the set comes with three frets, you probably will need more than one set to make a few trees. I have used one of these sets and my advice is: (a) Prime the parts with a metal primer before painting, or you will waste a lot of time retouching chipped off spots. (b) Assemble the tree crown and only then paint it. Painting the fronds individually is a real core.

They can be used fixed to a trunk or as ground vegetation as well. After using them, I have to say that these fronds may be a tad underscaled for 1/72, but obviously this depends on your application. In any case, it is a welcome accessory for dioramas in small scales (I'm sure they can be used to enhance scenes in larger scales, too).


Rato Marczak 2011