NorEastCon IPMS Region I Plastic Modeling Convention
All photos copyrighted by RJ Marczak.

American Airpower Museum, Republic Airport, Farmingdale NY, USA.
April 30 & May 1st, 2010
Me, representing the Southern Modelers Express Machine and the whole gang of IPMS-NJ

The Show

Talk about venue... The Long Island Scale Model Society organized the NorEastCon, the annual Region I IPMS convention. The show took place inside the old #2 Republic hangar of the Americal Airpower Museum on April 30 & May 1st, 2010. The museum facilities consist of three hangars in Republic Airport at Farmingdale. The convention was extended to two days for first time, and was a bit empty on Friday, but surely this will chance in the coming years.

As much as the show, I was looking forward to check old locations of Brewster, Edo, Vought, Grumman and Republic factories from the 20's up to late in the war. I found them all a that will be the subject for another article. Late on Friday I arrived at the American Airpower Museum. Now that's the place to make a modeling convention. Much of the hangars are still looking like during WWII:

...and that's my view when I was parking my car:

More on that later. For you who never had the experience of being in a modeling convention inside a museum, I don't know how to describe the sensation. But it's like mixing our two passions in a single feeling...

Everything packed in between P-40, P-51, PBY, engines, and models. The vendors area was great, too:

By 10 o'clock on Saturday most contenders were already on the tables. Time to start the fun...

organized the photos here in 12 groups, so that the links below contain entries of several sub-categories.

Wings - 1/32 and larger
Wings - 1/48 Wings - 1/72 and smaller
Military vehicles - 1/35 and larger
Military vehicles - 1/48 and smaller Dioramas Ships
Civil vehicles

You can find the complete list of winners at LISMS site. The Judge's Best of Show this year went to this USAF crash truck scratchbuilt conversion in 1/35, by Charles Rowley:

Congratulations to all the LISMS staff for cranking out a great show. Who knows I can return next year? Maybe...

Rato Marczak © 2010